An ongoing graphic/product design project.

Project overview.

An ongoing, open ended project. I create, or get suggested, fictitious companies and assign them traits, cultures, and values. For each company, I seek to design a logo that best represents the companies’ individuality and purpose.

This project aims to develop my design empathy - a user-centered design approach that pays attention to the client's feelings and emotions toward. This project helps to foster my ability to approach design from a growth mindset…understanding that creativity and innovation is sometimes a gradual, evolutionary process that requires patience and keen awareness. I love the buildup of energy and connection that occurs throughout this progression!

Below you can find the company logos I have designed along with their attributes and some design notes. I will upload new logos as I finalize them.


Isaiah Duck

I believe everyone is a product. People interact with you every day, and you invoke feelings and emotions wherever you go. For my personal logo I wanted to design something that best visualizes my character - a self portrait.

First, I wanted my logo to be mono-color, yet dynamic, and easily recognizable no matter the size. So I decided with a singular black square-esque shape against a white background. 

If you haven't checked out my about page, it will make more sense. But my personality is two sided: the coder and designer. The cold logician against the empathetic creator. To symbolize this connected, yet dueling personality, I took the outer stroke of an angular box and shaved off two soft, clean adjacent corners. The angular corners represent the binary logical nature of me, the soft rounded corners represent the amiable designer in me. However, inside of all outer corners is a rounded stroke, as to symbolize the empathetical foundation that should present in all pursuits of my work.

Together they encapsulate my initials…my identity. An angular typeface, merged just from rectangular blocks, showing the ground-up approach I have to product development.


Yellow Records

Yellow Records is a record company that primarily looks for indie and rock bands to sponsor. The owner, is a happy-go-lucky, energetic fella, that looks for artists and bands that, similar to his personality, promote cheerful, laid-back, carefree melodies.

To begin, the primary color I chose is yellow, not only because of the name, but the color also invokes emotions of nostalgia, happiness, and good ole’ summer days. Exactly what the company is looking for in their clients.

The three circles represent turning records on a turntable, I included an angular gradient fill to represent movement of the circles. They all interlock and create a negative space for the character ‘Y’ for Yellow Records. The typeface is soft, thin, and modern with rounded corners to remove all edgy (literally and metaphorically) aspects of the logo. 

The simplicity and refreshing feel of the logo makes the company stand out amount other big-player record logos (see: Def Jam, EMI).



No matter who you are, when you are scarfing down a warm brownie sundae, it makes you feel like a kid again. That’s what melk is looking for, to invoke that feeling of the sentimental desert shop. They want to retain that evocative feel, yet have a modern edge to them. In sea of commercial Dairy Queens, they want to stand out by providing customers only local, natural, and organic ingredients in their ice cream.

Does the primary logo of the milk carton look like a child drew it? Perfect. Remember, that’s the whole pint of melk…they want thier customers to feel like that child slurping down some fresh ice cream on a hot summer day. I maintained their modern characteristics by supplementing with a rounded, blocky outline of a milk carton.

Finally, the coloring I chose is black against a white background to mimic a cow’s black/white pattern. The font type is sleek and modern, with a light blue fill to invoke that ‘ice-cold’, refreshing feeling.


Inertia Research

In an alternate universe, instead of SpaceX, they have Inertia Research. Inertia’s mission is to push the human race to the bounds of space. Their company culture is rigid, demanding, and cutthroat…yet highly rewarding. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal.

The black/white, binary, color scheme I have chosen represents the nature of their research topic: space. This logo will also look promising, futuristic, and admiral when it is printed ten feet high on a rocket pointed to space. 

The positioning of elements is very deliberate. The two black crescents represent the actual inertia produced from the developments of Inertia Research, positioned towards the white crescent, symbolizing the outline of an unspecified planet. The combination of the background and foreground black crescents shows that Inertia’s research will not only put the human race on a planet, it will go beyond.



Temper is a new kitchen endeavor by the former head chef of Eleven Madison Park. He prides himself in the farm-to-table mentality, using natural and locally sourced ingredients…all while maintaining a respectable two Michelin star rank. Known for his aggressive, stoic, and demanding personality, he’s commissioned me to create a new logo that best fits his mentality and restaurant .

First, let’s talk about the inky, sketch like pattern. In nature there are no perfectly designed lines…neither are there in this logo. This inky, almost effortless looking, feel gives the logo an unadulterated look, nothing artificial is here. The The dark plum color symbolizes a natural, organic feel, yet still maintains the stoic, serious nature of the chef. 

The arrangement of patterns is composed of two components. The first being the ‘T’ character in the upper and center portions, symbolizing Tessarosa. The second component being the facial pattern complementing the ‘T’. The two dots surrounding the 'T', complementing the single stroke above the left dot, symbolize human eyes and eyebrows. 

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